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We Are an Official Authorized Distributor of PANASONIC & NKK SWITCHES.

  • Since 1958, over 60 years of experience in the electronic components industry.
  • Supporting comprehensive procurement with wide coverage, especially JAPAN, CHINA, INDIA and ASEAN.


Over 100 Manufacturer Sources

Our long term relationship with the component makers and authorised distributors of the semiconductor industry will benefit our clients by reducing their total components purchasing costs without compromising the quality and delivery lead time. Serving as an International Procurement Office of our clients, our supply chain management team with wide connection networks, will be able to source component parts from different suppliers in various countries and deliver as a single source of purchase, this will greatly reduce the costs of logistic as well as simplify custom clearance procedures.


Total Management Solution Provider

Chiyoda Electronics offers high quality and strong support with reasonable prices for equipment used in customers' factories and offices in ASEAN, as well as production auxiliary materials and OA equipment. We can also propose products with overseas certification, so you can use high-quality products anywhere. Please contact us for products other than electronic components that are difficult to procure overseas.


As Your International Procurment Office

Kitting refers to not only the physical act of putting a kit of parts together but also a programme of complex logistical tasks that delivers the right goods to the right place and destination. Acting as a single source of procurement, our clients will greatly improve overall production efficiency by taking advantage of our expertise in Inventory control, Lead time and delivery control, including logistics operations from our warehouse to requested destination.


Supporting EMS Solution

EMS providers benefit from complete, assembly-ready kits arriving wherever and whenever required. EMS reduces costs in each department to drive down the real cost of acquisition.
From identifying potential suppliers, managing obsolescence, lead-time issues and alternate part sourcing, to materials inspection, device preparation and consolidated invoicing, executing these processes successfully and cost-effectively requires comprehensivecomponent management expertise which Chiyoda possesses.



Panasonic Capacitor Choices Are Broader Than Ever!

There is a Panasonic Capacitor solution for every application.  Capacitor options include long lifetime, AEC-Q200 compliance, high moisture resistance, anti-vibration and extremely small case sizes that provide board space savings.
Panasonic Capacitors redefine quality and performance, from industry leading Polymer Capacitors to Film Capacitors with failsafe metallization technology.
Panasonic is a leading supplier of Capacitor technology offering an extremely wide range of MLCC Alternative Solutions including SP-Cap™, POSCAP™, OS-CON™, Polymer Hybrid and Film Capacitors, all of which can be considered NOW to replace difficult-to-get MLCCs.  

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Durably Enrich The Design Without Compromise.

Enhancing the Human-to-Machine Interface unassumingly throughout the world, Panasonic’s Electromechanical components improve device design by providing that "special touch" no matter what the application.Designed with finesse in addition to durability and reliability, Panasonic manufactures a vast product line-up of Switches, Encoders and Potentiometers.  Work with Panasonic to choose the right Switch for the device.

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Increase Speed-to-Market Using Cutting-Edge Wireless Technology.

Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions encompass a wide range of technologies with a focus on increased speed-to-market. The Panasonic RF Module and Evaluation Kit portfolios cover all current communication protocols with ready-to-use RF Module devices for Bluetooth®Bluetooth® Low Energy, Mesh Networking and Wi-Fi. Designed with simplicity in mind,  Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions allow wireless design engineers to quickly extend communication into their feature set without a comprehensive knowledge base of wireless hardware and software design.Discover today how Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions can link your designs and positively affect the entire design in process.

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Circuits need protection from environmental excesses including voltage, current, frequency, noise and temperature.  Circuit Protection devices help protect costly circuit systems from damage.Panasonic’s reliable Circuit Protection components are available in different types, sizes and values offering similar parts with different options for building into a Circuit, such as Leaded Type and Surface Mount, to support any application.

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A Wide Selection of Batteries Available at Panasonic!

Panasonic offers a wide product assortment of Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable Batteries including Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lead Acid, Coin, Nickel Cadmium, Lithium and Alkaline technologies for almost any application.Panasonic’s Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries are now available in Custom Battery Pack configurations.Panasonic is also a proud supplier of Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells for Indoor, Outdoor, Watch and Photosensor applications.

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Find the Right Inductive Products at Panasonic

Panasonic Inductive Products include a broad range of SMD and Metal Composite Power Choke Coils that are AEC-Q200 Automotive compliant.

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Panasonic offers a broad line of Resistors that include Chip Resistors, Power, High Power, Fuse, EMI Filters, and Arrays and Networks for all applications.Panasonic Resistors have a wide range of features and specifications including conventional Thick Film Chip Resistors or specialized types like Anti-Sulfur, 0201 to 0805 case sized Chip Resistor Arrays, three different types of Power Resistors, Surface Mount and Leaded EMI Filters and one of the smallest Chip Fuses in the industry.

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Panasonic Connectors for Tough, Demanding Applications

Panasonic offers Narrow Pitch Board-to-Board, FPC and Specialty Connectors. Our industry-leading Tough Contact construction offers the opportunity to design-in extremely durable Connectors, even in applications that need to satisfy extreme environmental conditions.Engineered and manufactured for durability and long lifetime, Panasonic Tough Contact Connectors increase:

 - Tolerance To Twisting And Dropping

 - Resistance To Dust And Foreign Particles

 - Resistance To Corrosive Gases

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Panasonic Sensor Solutions offer a wide and constantly evolving range of technologies that provide design engineers with the flexibility to easily choose and implement the Sensor technology best suited for existing and ever-emerging new applications all from a single, world class supplier.Panasonic built-in Sensors contribute to energy savings, safety, comfort security, awareness and much more. With high-functionality and high-performance, Panasonic has solutions for sensing and detecting rotational speed and angle, position, flow, velocity, temperature, magnetism, currents and a plethora of other application requirements!Panasonic Sensor products combine the latest technologies with plug-and-play devices such as Grid-EYE® Thermopile Array Sensors, the Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor, the highly accurate and flexible 6in1 Sensor (6DoF Automotive Inertial Sensor), a wide array of Passive Infrared Motion Sensors (PIRs), and highly specialized and accurate Industrial Sensors.

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Panasonic manufactures a broad portfolio of Relays and Contactors. Relay options include Panasonic's exclusive PhotoMOS®Semiconductor Relays (otherwise known as Photo, Photo Voltaic, Solid State or MOS-FET Relays) along with Power, Signal, Automotive and High Frequency Relays. Panasonic Contactors include highly reliable and eco-friendly AC and DC options for a wide variety of applications.

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NKK sets the industry standard for quality, high performing toggle switches. Our full line of toggles features both PC board and panel mounting options available with a full array of actuator options and terminations to meet virtually any application. Subminiature and ultra-miniature to dual seal waterproof and high-capacity toggle switches are offered. Matching indicators are available. Designed to perform and withstand extreme environments for critical applications such as construction equipment, transportation, and medical equipment. Our waterproof toggle switch is great for marine applications. UL and CSA certifications available. Certificate of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is provided within each product series.

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NKK's portfolio of rocker switches includes various sizes, ratings, and terminations to allow for virtually any design. Our complete line of PCB, ultra-subminiature, subminiature, to standard size rocker switches are available in low to high capacity, with process sealed options. NKK rocker switches are offered in various mounting and termination styles to accommodate a wide range of application requirements. Customizable options are offered which include a multitude of vibrant color and illumination options. NKK rocker switches are designed to perform in a variety of different applications such as live entertainment equipment, automation control, industrial equipment, and medical equipment. Certifications: UL and CSA certifications. Certificate of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is provided within each product series.

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NKK's line of slide switches includes various logic and power levels to accommodate a multitude of applications. Top and side slide-actuated switches are available providing maximum flexibility. Choose between ultra-subminiature and miniature slide switch models with logic level to power ratings. Numerous termination styles are also offered. Matching indicators are available.
Award-winning STC contact mechanism with benefits available in conventional mechanisms: smoother, positive detent actuation, increased contact stability and unparalleled logic-level reliability. Available with various actuator lengths and color combinations. UL and CSA certifications available. Certification of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is provided within each product series.

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NKK's portfolio of high-quality pushbutton switches includes ultra-miniature, subminiature, standard, and high capacity. Our complete line of pushbutton switches are offered in various mounting and termination styles to accommodate a wide range of application requirements.
Custom pushbutton switch options are offered which include custom cable assembly, pad printing, laser etching, and cable and wire harness assembly. NKK pushbutton switches are designed to perform in a wide range of application requirements such as audio video equipment, broadcast equipment, automation control,  industrial equipment, and medical equipment. Certifications: UL and CSA. Certificate of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is provided within each product series.

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NKK has been designing and manufacturing switches for over 65 years, and one of the most prominent categories is illuminated switches. No wonder, as illuminated switches are a focus in applications for all types of industries. Designers and engineers have come to expect a standard of impeccable quality and endurance in illuminated products, and NKK has a record of delivering. Additionally, it is our goal to offer diverse choices in actuation, power levels, terminations, mounting preferences, shapes and sizes, as well as a wide array of illumination types and colors. Turn to NKK’s illuminated switches when you want to highlight your best projects.

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A wide array of SmartDisplay products are available from full-screen OLED to compact LCD.
 - Fully programmable, HMI solution
 - Capable of running full motion video
 - Tactile feel
 - Integrates easily with embedded systems

From audio broadcast and communications systems to medical, aerospace and defense applications, implementing SmartDisplay into panel designs helps to revolutionize the switch interface.
NKK provides full-service engineering design solutions for SmartDisplay, ranging from software design and assembly to ongoing application support.

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NKK now offers a series of emergency stop (E-Stop) switches for applications requiring a dependable, failsafe control response. The FF01 Series E-Stop Switches with Ø 16mm bodies feature the industry’s shortest in its class behind-panel depth of 13.6mm. Designed for versatile functionality with both pull or twist reset options, and an innovative sliding latch OFF state mechanism resistant to chatter vibration and shocks. Available in cap sizes of Ø 25mm and Ø 30mm. Protective guards and nameplates are available and interchangeable with both cap sizes.

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NKK offers a wide variety of tactile switches including 6mm process sealed, ultra-thin, and low profile tactile switch options. NKK tactile switches are specially sealed to permit automated wave soldering and washing. Logic-level surface-mount and PC board mounting options. Lighted and non-illuminated models and with various heights and operating force are designed to meet virtually any application. UL and CSA certifications available. Certificate of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is provided within each product series.

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NKK manufactures one of the industry’s most extensive rotary switch offerings. Choose from logic-level, ultra-subminiature to 30 amp power rotaries. Process sealed options are also available. UL and CSA certification options are offered. Certificate of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is provided within each product series.

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NKK's high-quality keylock switches set the industry standard. Offered in ranges from high to low security, NKK’s keylock switches will fit your application needs. Antistatic, process sealed options available with PC models specially designed to permit automated wave soldering and washing. Both PC board and panel mount types are available. Choose between various mounting options with logic level to power ratings. NKK keylock switches are designed to perform in a variety of different applications such as automation control, audio video, broadcast, industrial and medical equipment. UL and CSA certifications available. Certificate of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is provided within each product series.

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