About Us

During the rising tide of globalization in the 90s, entrepreneurs from Chiyoda Electronic Co Ltd Japan founded Chiyoda Electronic Singapore Pte Ltd (CES).

The optimal business environment in Singapore is ideal for an affiliate company to implement satellite functions required for the overall business expansion.

Over the years, Chiyoda Electronic Co Ltd Japan has grown into an international enterprise by successfully establishing CES as a foothold of its operational activities.

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OUR Products & services

We pursue customer satisfaction, build quality and win trust. We have been providing our clients with truly heartfelt services and excitement throughout the years which has transformed us into a trading company with total solutions.

Our Process

1. Design

Our in-house professionals will collaborate with you to develop your ideal kit.

2. Source

Our global network of suppliers means you get quality products at affordable prices.

3. Build

We’ve designed our kitting lines to incorporate one-piece flow with built-in quality checks throughout the kitting process.

4. Deliver

We work with you to meet delivery schedules and provide frequent status updates to ensure your products arrives on time.

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